Time at Lions Gate, Kruger River Villas, Marloth Park

Time. That one resource we all need more of. We have all spent moments wishing we had more hours in a day. But, have you ever wondered what you would do, if you had more of this precious commodity? For most of us, the desire to have more time stems from work-related pressures. So, perhaps it’s safe to assume that we would only spend our ‘more time’ working more!

That’s one of the amazing things about spending time in the bush. It is tangible. It’s as though each moment can be savoured and fully experienced. That’s not to say time doesn’t fly in the bush – it does. But not in a hectic blur, like it does in the real world (and I use the term loosely). No, time flies, but you have the opportunity to hold each moment in your heart as it unfolds. The chance to feel it, embrace it and remember it.

The carefully chosen art in the Kruger River Villas inspired this train of thought. Each unique piece is carved or painted with intent and care. As I ran my eyes across the intricate details of the carvings and sketches, I realised they are essentially time capsules. Each represents moments in a life that the artist can never re-live again. But ironically, the moments and hours they invested in their art, are exactly what testifies to their existence and immortalises what they felt and thought.

I wonder what conversations accompanied the chipping sounds of the carving tools or the whispers of the brushes and pencils? Each piece witnessed the words, songs, laughter and perhaps even tears of the respective artists, as they lived and created. Each piece was carefully shaped by hands that hugged children, built houses, or grew and cooked food. Though mute and unable to share those stories with us, they do something far more powerful. Each piece testifies to time. Every single one says, “Someone lived and felt with enough intensity, to spend precious moments expressing themselves through my creation.”

What time capsules are you leaving as your legacy? Perhaps you also create art, or write? Maybe you design and build? These are all worthwhile contributions. But, I believe they are all worthless unless we have invested time and love into the lives of those we care about. There is no material substitute for spending time building meaningful relationships and creating precious memories. And to do that, you need to intentionally embrace this moment – this NOW. It might seem like a daunting prospect, and hard to do without more time… but each of us only gets a certain allotment of time. Only you can determine how you will spend it.

Lions Gate, Kruger River Villas, Marloth Park
Lions Gate, Kruger River Villas, Marloth Park
Lions Gate, Kruger River Villas, Marloth Park
Mtombo, Kruger River Villas, Marloth Park

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