New Years Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions. For the most part, we love to have them. Let’s face it – making them is easy. Who doesn’t want to work less and spend more quality time with friends and family? Not to mention losing the bonus kilograms 2018 awarded you for being such a great sport… of course, you’d like to lose them and eat healthier food and get more exercise in 2019. Alright, maybe that’s pushing it, but if that exercise could come in the form of long walks or rides along sandy roads in the heart of the bush beside zebras and giraffes, we bet you’d be in, right?

The problem comes in keeping those wonderful resolutions. In practice, we often land up working more hours so that we can afford to spend more quality time with family! Those longer hours invariably result in more stress and missing healthy meals which are rewarded by even more of those bonus kilograms… no wonder those resolutions fall by the wayside!

The thing is, human beings are innately wired to want to improve.

Actually, Mother Nature is a champion at making new resolutions, but she doesn’t wait to do it once a year. No, her approach is take everything in her stride – a new hour every 60 minutes, a new day every 24 hours, a new week every 7 days… We all know the patterns – tides, seasons, cycles – each one a critical building block for the next, usually bigger one.

Fortunately for us, Mother Nature is really good at keeping her resolutions too! Living in the heart of the bush gives you a new appreciation for the invisible clock that nature runs according to – each blade of grass, leaf and wildflower unfurls in the perfect time! Wild animals mate and give birth to their babies at the perfect times too – often making allowances for delayed rain. It’s nothing short of magical!

The point is, nature might be on to something very important when it comes to keeping resolutions. What if we didn’t just make resolutions once a year? What if we made small, achievable choices every single day, and rewarded ourselves with more opportunities to do the same the following day? There is an old adage that claims the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. While we don’t advocate eating elephants (EVER!), there is much wisdom in the theory.

So this new year, we applaud you for making new resolutions for 2019.

We also wish you every success in keeping those resolutions one ‘bite at a time’, and hope you get to celebrate your victories daily and reap the results of your success throughout the year.

We also hope to see you soon for some quality time in the wild with people you love😉 Happy New Year from the Kruger River Villas team!