What happens when a city girl falls in love with the bush? Kruger River Villas. For owner Louise Marais, the lure of the bush was irresistible, and Mtombo, Hyena House and Lions Gate were all conceived from the desire to share its unique beauty with others – with you.

Born and bred in Nelspruit, Louise lost her heart to the Bush a long time ago when she visited friends in Marloth Park. In her own words, ‘life in the bush is an adventure… there is always something different to see and experience.”

Guests who have stayed at any of the Kruger River Villas will agree. Firstly, there is a peace here. Not an empty, awkward silence, but a solitude that allows you to take a deep breath of sweet, fresh air. It’s a place where you can find respite beyond the clutches of civilisation if you choose. A place where the breathtaking night sky bedazzles you with its beauty while casting its shadowy blanket across the bushveld, as you sit beside your blazing fire.

Known for a wonderfully sunny climate, Marloth Park is the perfect place to explore dusty wild roads on foot or on your bike. Here, there is a veritable smorgasbord of stunning bird species to be discovered and you stand a good chance of encountering many of Africa’s most loved wild animals. Although Marloth Park does not have the Big 5 roaming free, these magnificent species can be enjoyed in the neighbouring Kruger National Park, or our very own Lionspruit (opposite Lions Gate), where you can find Lions, Buffalo and Rhino.

Louise, who is a devoted animal lover, has had some interesting experiences in Marloth. On one occasion, she returned home to find seven Giraffe blocking her driveway… unable to get onto her property, she embraced the opportunity to relax and just enjoy them, until they decided to move. Other creatures have been a bit more territorial, and Louise enjoys the privilege of sharing her own home with a family of bush babies who laid claim to her roof. Other special visitors, include Genets and Servals, to name just a few.

This is the magic of the bush and Louise loves seeing others experience it too. Each of the Kruger River Villas boasts its own unique atmosphere and style. Irrespective of which of our homes you select, each one is lovingly decorated, and thoughtfully designed and equipped to provide a warm welcome and very comfortable stay.

Lions Gate, Kruger River Villas, Marloth Park
Lions Gate, Kruger River Villas, Marloth Park
Lions Gate, Kruger River Villas, Marloth Park
Lions Gate, Kruger River Villas, Marloth Park

Kruger River Villas provides all that you need for a blissful, self-catered immersion in the wild. All you have to do is embrace it and make memories to last a lifetime.


Meet the Team

Ensuring that our villas are ready for your arrival, takes a lot of time, dedication, and attention to detail. Our service team members, Swanky and Loretta, specialise in going the extra mile, and their hard work, that usually happens behind the scenes, might leave our guests thinking that we have a magic wand. Well, with their hard work and enthusiasm, we don't need a magic wand.

Their motivation?

A love of the bush and its wild inhabitants, and a desire to see our guests relax and enjoy everything our little piece of paradise has to offer.